Welcome To The Suttle Flex Squad!

We are inspired by the individuality of dancers and athletes all around us.   We believe when you feel confident in what you're wearing, you SHINE! Here at Suttle Flex, we create pieces that are comfortable, unique, and help you feel empowered. It's our mission to encourage you to be strong, be fearless, be you.

We are Trista and Brittany, owners of Suttle Flex.

We have been friends for over two decades. Dance is what brought us together all those years ago, creating an unbreakable bond, and dance is what has brought us back together now. Would you believe our daughters dance together after all these years and also share that same bond? It is because of our daughters we decided to start this business.

As mothers of athletes, our activewear is designed with athletes in mind. Every piece we produce is tried on real athletes, moved in, and modified until its just right. Our process may take longer than most, but we strive for all athletes to feel confident and be comfortable. Our goal is for each athlete to shine and be their most unique self while they “kill it in the most humble way” – the definition of Suttle Flex.

- Trista & Brittany