Shelby is a 15 year old born and raised in central Florida. She is currently a member at Dance Mania and has been for the past 10 years of her life. She has competed multiple times at worlds and also has competed with the US National Youth Pom team. When she is not at the studio (which she basically lives at) she is seen studying, working out or reading. She loves feeling the spotlight on stage and most of all she loves dance.


Haley is an 15-year-old dancer who is from Melbourne, Florida. She has been dancing at Dance Mania Allstars for 8 years. Haley is a Senior elite dancer, and helps coach the Tiny, Mini, and Youth age teams at her studio. She was on the US National Youth and Junior Pom Team and took gold for both of those teams at the ICU World Championships. Dancing has made Haley a better person, a better role model, and has made her more confident in here self. When Haley is not dancing, she loves hanging out with her friends and family or she likes to go to the beach.


Hailey is 14 years old and has been dancing with her dance studio, Dance Mania Allstars since she was 3. She is grateful to have had the opportunity to be an assistant coach for the younger teams at Dance Mania the past few years because she loves working with little kids.  Hailey’s favorite style of dance is Pom. When she is not dancing or coaching she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Hailey’s favorite thing about Suttle Flex dancewear is how comfortable it is. She is honored to represent the brand!


Mckenna is 11 years old and has been dancing at dance mania for 9 years. She loves dancing,cooking,modeling, going to theme parks,and hanging out with friends. She has 2 siblings that she loves hanging out with when she has free time. Mckenna has 1 dog that she loves playing with her name is Lola. Mckenna has many nicknames like Ralph,toothless, hades,and muffin head. Her favorite styles of dance is lyrical and jazz.


Lex has been a competitive dancer for 8 years at her home studio, Glenda's Dance Center, located in Central Florida.  She trains ballet, pointe, contemporary, acro, hip hop, jazz, and tap.  Although she loves all styles of dance her favorites are contemporary and hip hop.  You can find her in the studio most nights but on a day off she enjoys reading, binging movies, and hanging with her friends.   


Cailyn is a 13 year old competitive dancer from the small beach town of Sneads Ferry, North Carolina. She trains in almost every style of dance at her studio, Mindy’s Dance Attack, but jazz, lyrical, and hip hop are her favorites. She is a title winner as well as a national solo and duo winner. When she is not dancing, which is most of the time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing with her three dogs, listening to music, and going to the beach. She is so excited to be a Suttle Flex girl and continue to “Kill it in the most humble way.”


Rian is 11 years old, and if it were up to her she would live at her dance studio. She has been dancing since she was two years old and currently is on five competition teams. She loves all styles of dance but her favorites are intense jazz and lyrical/ contemporary. She is a fierce competitor and loves every minute she gets to spend with her teammates. When she’s not dancing, she loves all things outdoors, the beach, bike riding, and spending time with family and friends. She is so proud to represent her favorite dance wear line!


Heidi is a ten year old competitive dancer from Richmond, Virginia.  She competes with Momentum Dance Center and has been dancing since her second birthday.  Heidi loves all styles of dance, but her favorite is contemporary and improv. In addition to dancing, Heidi is a gymnast and baton twirler. Heidi enjoys art, bike riding, hiking, and riding horses.  Purple is her favorite color and she loves Starbucks and Squishmallows!  Heidi is so excited to be part of the Suttle Flex family and having the opportunity to rep her favorite brand!


Kinleeis 8 years old, lives in utah! She was basically born dancing! When her momma was pregnant with her she was the sugar plum fairy In the nutcracker, so kins been on stage since before she was born!! Kins been competing at dance competitions since she was 4 years old and has loved every second of it!Kinleeis crazy smart and loves reading so much! So when she is not dancing you can find her going through book after book because she can never get enough! Kins the perfect girly girl and tomboy! She loves the glitz and glam but also loves hunting, fishing, camping, rzr riding!! All summer you can find her swimming, honestly She really just loves outdoors! We love suttleflex so much and so happy we found this amazing company!!


Riley is 11 years old and has been dancing competitively for 6 years. She spends most days training at her dance studio which is located right outside of Richmond, VA. Riley is a multiple title holder, and competes on the Regional and National level in both solo and team performances. Her favorite styles of dance are jazz, lyrical, and contemporary. When she is not in the studio, Riley spends her free time practicing dance at home, playing on her trampoline, visiting with her grandparents, friends, and playing with her dog Zax and cat Riyah. Fun fact: Riley is a Squishmallow fanatic and currently has over 300 of them in her collection! Riley loves being a Suttleflexgirl because she absolutely loves the design, fit and quality of the clothing. She feels like the brand empowers her to feel more confident, bold, and allows her to be her unique self!


Ella JUST turned 10 in April of 2023. She began dancing at the age of 3 at Hart Academy of Dance and per her teacher’s strong recommendation, auditioned for the competition team 2 years later. She has now been dancing competitively for 5 years with a tap solo for the past 4 years. She has won several awards over the years for her solo performance with many first place wins. She even came out as 2nd Overall National Champion at the Spotlight Nationals last year. Although her strength lies with tap, she dances on the tap, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical teams, and she loves them all since her teachers are the best.When you meet her, she is shy and reserved, but once you get to know her, she can be silly. She is a major bookworm, loves watching movies and swimming, and hanging out with her friends. She loves God and enjoys singing worship songs as well as other pop songs. She has one younger sister and one furry brother. She is enthralled to be a part of the Suttle Flex family and loves “killing it in the most humble way”!


Charlotte is 10 years old and has been dancing since the age of 3. Her favorite styles of dance include Contemporary and Broadway because she feels they let her express herself the most, with Ballet being a close third. She has been fortunate to have the opportunity of performing in The Nutcracker Ballet each year with the various roles of Snow Flurry, Gingersnap, Candy Cane, Butterfly Fairy, Mouse, and Spanish Chocolate.  An interesting fact about Charlotte is that she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 years ago and she has not let it slow her down or stop her from accomplishing new things. If she is not dancing, you can find her hanging out with friends or family, swimming, skating, drawing or cooking are some of her other favorite things.


Zoie is a 10 year old Georgia peach from Savannah, GA. She has been dancing since she was a toddler. Zoie has been competing the past 5 years with Dancing Unlimited. She loves hitting the stage, doing her solo and group dances with her girls! When she is not dancing (which is rare) she is hanging with friends and family, and boating!